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Leningradskoye Highway, 61, bld. 4
metro: «Rechnoy Vokzal»

15 June

Our restaurant

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«Try our dishes for all tastes!»

We are proud to present our beautiful "Cron Hotel" restaurant. It combines dishes of various cuisines, and that's why our guests can try dishes for all tastes. What would you prefer: spicy dishes of Spanish cuisine or French gastronomic specialties? Maybe you like Italian pizzas and pastas or "native" Russian dishes? At any case, you'll enjoy your meal at our restaurant.

Here you can relax, work, entertain, eat delicious food and drink excellent wine and cocktails. A wide choice of starters includes meat, fish, vegetable patters, and pickles. You can enjoy a variety of dishes: from the traditional salads "Olivier" and "Caesar" on out to Spanish "Quesadilla", or delicious royal shrimps, lightly stewed in wine.

Feast on delicacies of our restaurant ordering hot dishes, and it's never mind what you prefer: original Russian "Kingly" fish soup, or Italian pasta, or fettuccine. And if you order sterlet, it'll get to your table from our aquarium.

Top off your meal with incredibly delicious desserts from our bakery. Vanilla tiramisu or chocolate pie, coffee «Baileys» or strawberry-banana mousse – choose what you wish! Vanquishing this sweet temptation, you prefer low in calories food? Then order fresh fruits or fruit salads!

Visit our comfortable lobby bar that offers cocktails, bar food and desserts.

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How to get to the hotel
International Airport «Sheremetyevo»:
13 km
IEC «Crocus Expo»:
22 km
Metro station «Rechnoy Vokzal»:
300 m
How to reach us
The hotel building was reconstructed in 2010, and we are proud to invite our guests in 29 luxury rooms. There’s a restaurant working in it.